BOROVYK & PARTNERS together with All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH took part at worldwide initiative on challenging the patents and patent applications on the blockbuster hepatitis C drug Sovaldi (Sofosbuvir).

Gilead Sciences, holder and applicant for a family of patents to Sofosbuvir, agreed with generic drug manufacturers allowing them to sell the Sofosbuvir in 91 developing countries. However those do not include Ukraine as well as Argentina, Brazil, China and Russia, which might lead to unreasonably high prices for hepatitis C treatment, which, in its turn, limits the number of persons receiving treatment aid from the state and NGOs. Thus activists seek to prevent the patents from being issued in those countries, mainly due to the lack of novelty compared with compounds disclosed in other patent applications.

BOROVYK & PARTNERS requested from the Ukrainian Patent Office materials of the respective patent application, analyzed the materials, prepared and filed on behalf of All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH the patent opposition.

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